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Post  darkslime on Fri Mar 21 2008, 02:15

hadou regirock-50901-6/6/07-mischevious-naive (legit)
Hadou registeel-50901-timid-4/8/07-proud of its power
hadou mew-50716-hates to lose
agate celebi-31121-impish-12/11/06-a little quick tempered
eigikan demo darkrai-07147-modest-likes to fight
eigakan darkrai-07147-modest-7/1/07-often scatters things
eigakan darkrai-07147-modest-5/14/07-likes to fight
pokepark celebi-60623-jolly-sturdy body (legit)
pokepark mew-60510-adamant-likes to thrash about
pokepark skitty-60321-modest-11/23/06-strongly defiant
saikyou magmortar-12017-hardy-12/3/07-likes to relax (legit)
saikyou milotic-12157-bold-12/16/07-impetuous and silly(legit)
saikyou electivire-11157-serious-11/17/07-alert to sounds(legit)
saikyou dragonite-01158-mild-1/21/08-mischevious
sykoton tropius-02027-jolly-2/11/07-likes to fight (legit)
yamamoto whiscash-03217-gentle-3/21/07-likes to run(legit)
GORUKO octillery-10147-serious-likes to fight-10/16/07
GORUKO octillery-serious-10/27/07-highly curious (legit)
tanabata 40707 jirachi-3/7/07-hates to lose
tanabata 60707 jirachi-timid-8/28/07-good endurance
tanabata 07077-jirachi-quirky-7/2/07-proud of its power
tanabata jirachi-50707-calm-8/15/07-quick to flee
sunday wobuffet-50701-impish-quick tempered (hacked)
palcity manaphy-07157-hardy-often scatters things-7/15/07
palcity mew-07157-quirky-7/15/07/often scatters things
mizunotami manaphy-12226-quiet-thoroughly cunning-2/22/07
ranger manaphy-03509-sassy-very finicky
Ken's GF psyduck-38793-careful-8/13/07-very finicky
GW pikachu-50425-relaxed-6/10/07-likes to run
festa magmar-11256-quiet-12/16/06-a little quick tempered
festa metang-02005-serious-8/27/07-often scatters things
E-card mareep-mild-8/25/07-strong willed (legit)
E-card scyther-hasty-11/15/06-loves to eat (legit)
E-card togepi-sassy-strong willed-8/25/07 (legit)
FUKUOKA delibird-60114-impish-11/1/06-likes to relax
mitsurin celebi-60720-bold-5/20/07-strongly defiant
SUNDAY wobuffet-50701-impish-quick tempered (legit)
Daisuke club bidoof-17336-lonely-alert to sounds (legit)
Daisuke club starly-08311-mild-often lost in thought (legit)
Nagoya? treecko-51126-bashful-11/15/06-strongly defiant
Aniversary pichu egg-3/17/08-link trade (legit)

PKTOPIA pikachu-06257-hardy-9/23/07-good endurance
PKTOPIA electivire-06257-adamant-10/7/07-often lost in thought
PKTOPIA magmortar-06257-modest-10/19/07-good perseverance
MATTLE ho oh-10048-naughty-quick to flee
PCNYd milotic-00207-timid-often lost in thought (legit)
PCNYd flygon-00077-modest-impetuous and silly (legit)
PCNYb wailord-00377-naive-somewhat vain-UT (legit)
PCNYc seviper-00459-quiet-likes to run-UT (legit)
PCNYd seadra-00069-bashful-5/22/07-a little quick tempered
shiny DOEL deoxys-28606-adamant-loves to eat
DOEL deoxys-28606-jolly-strong willed
CHANNEL jirachi-40122-docile-impetious and silly
WISHMKR jirachi-20043-careful-sturdy body
SAPHIRE zigzagoon-30317-sassy-strong willed (legit)
SAPHIRE zigzachs (zigzagoon)-30317-calm-5/16/07-strong willed
JBHF manaphy-11077-jolly-11/9/07-quick to flee
TRU manaphy-09297-adamant-10/9/07-often lost in thought
E4ALL manaphy-10187-modest-10/18/07-scatters things often
shiny ROCKS metang-02005-adamant-highly persistent
ROCKS metang-02005-naughty-8/17/07-thoroughly cunning-touched (legit)
MYSTRY mew-06930-bold-7/21/07-good perseverance
Aura mew-20078-modest-likes to trash about
10 ANIV charizard-00010-docile-mischevious-blue OT
10 ANIV umbreon-00010-gentle-very finicky-blue OT
10 ANIV dragonite-00010-brave-scatters things often-blue OT
10 ANIV espeon-00010-timid-often dozes off-blue OT
10 ANIV bulbasaur-00010-impish-sturdy body-blue OT
10 ANIV absol-00010-docile-often scatters things-blue OT
10 ANIV tyrannitar-00010-hasty-highly persistent-blue OT
10 ANIV celebi-00010-brave-good perseverance-blue OT
10 ANIV articuno-00010-serious-somewhat stubborn-blue OT
10 ANIV entei-00010-brave-somewhat vain-blue OT
10 ANIV pikachu-00010-bashful-sturdy body-blue OT
10 ANIV moltres-00010-naughty-capable of taking hits-blue OT
10 ANIV latias-00010-quiet-quick to flee-blue OT
10 ANIV latios-00010-bashful-highly curious-red OT
10 ANIV celebi-00010-serious-quick tempered-red OT-had pokerus
10 ANIV blastoise-00010-gentle-hates to lose-red OT
10 ANIV blaziken-00010-modest-somewhat stubborn-red OT
10 ANIV alakazam-00010-naughty-likes to relax-red OT
10 ANIV zapdos-00010-quiet-somewhat of a clown-red OT(legit)
10 ANIV suicune-00010-hasty-thoroughly cunning-red OT
10 ANIV-raikou-00010-timid-likes to fight-red OT
10 ANIV bulbasaur-06808-timid-quick to flee(legit)
10 ANIV charizard-06808-lonely-likes to run (legit)
10 ANIV suicune-06808-naive-strong willed
10 ANIV latios-06808-rash-somewhat vain (legit)
10ANNIV articuno-06227-naughty-6/13/07-somewhat of a clown
10ANNIV raikou-06227-relaxed-5/23/07-highly curious
10ANNIV latios-06227-naive-likes to run-7/9/07
10ANNIV latias-06227-careful-5/27/07-alert to sounds
10ANNIV ho oh-lonely-5/25/07-quick to flee
10ANNIV suicune-06227-bold-8/17/07-proud of its power
10ANNIV lugia-06227-adamant-7/3/07-likes to trash about
10 ANIV tyrannitar-06808-adamant-6/21/07-likes to trash about
10ANNIV latios-06227-naive-often lost in thought-red OT
10ANNIV lugia-06227-timid-a little quick tempered-touched-blue OT
10ANNIV suicune-06227-brave-often dozes off-touched-blue OT
10ANNIV ho oh-06227-naughty-quick to flee-touched-red OT
10ANNI lugia-06227-quiet-somewhat vain-blue OT-touched
AnnivSH arcko treecko-00001-sassy-8/1/07-somewhat stubborn
AnnivSH salameche charmander-lonely-9/2/07-mischevious
AnnivSH bulbizarre bulbasaur-hasty-8/2/07-sturdy body
10JAHRE arktos articuno-06227-lax-strong willed-blue OT
ranger manaphy-06975-modest-somewhat of a clown
ranger manaphy egg-2/7/08-link trade
pokemon box swablu-31989-OT ASH-adamant-spcl move false swipe
shiny pokemon box swablu-nicknamed TYLTON- OT GEGE-spcl move false swipe
DUELLBE ho oh-relaxed-8/18/07-very finicky (legit)
distant land lugia-lax-11/18/07-quick to flee
distant land zapdos-impish-11/18/07-scatters things often
distant land articuno-hasty-11/18/07-somewhat vain
JEREMY staryu-13579-timid-6/28/07-very finicky (legit)


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