Do You Need Help in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? Come HERE!!!!

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Do You Need Help in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? Come HERE!!!!

Post  coolkidcook on Sun Mar 23 2008, 04:33

i thought it would be cool if someone organized a lot of different sites for different purposes of the game, such as competitive battling help, walkthroughs, game info, pokemon info, etc., etc. So, I gathered a LOT of websites and thought I would be the person to do it:

You need help choosing Pokemon for your WiFi team? Go here:

You don't know what Evs/Ivs are? Go here:

You need a Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough? The best one is here:

You need a D/P Pokedex? Here is where you need to go:

You need good breeding info? Here:

What about Natures? Do you know about them? If not, here ya go:

If you need any other help, PM me and I will put it here.

EDIT: I do not claim any of this. The sites are not mine. Credit goes to Marriland, Serebii, Smogon, and Psypokes.

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