Simple Item And Pokemon Request Thread

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Simple Item And Pokemon Request Thread

Post  booyakaboy on Sun Mar 23 2008, 11:31


Hi everyone and welcome to the Simple Pokémon and Item Request Thread. Basically, you can post what you want and what you have as long as you keep it simple. There are a few rules everyone must follow or this little experiment will end.


1. You may only request up to 5 pokemon/items and offer up to 5 pokemon/items. All you need is to name what you want and are offering. Other info such as nature, level, shininess, gender, moves, EVs, OT, etc are optional.
2. You may post once every 20 posts. Edit your post if you need to update but you can't post your list again until 20 others have posted after you. If you have completed your trades, your post will be deleted to avoid confusion.
3. Only post your simple trade lists here. Take the trading or discussing to PM/IM. Do not reply to someone in this thread.
4. The main rules still apply here so no hacks or fan mades or anything of that sort.
5. Make your posts clear and to the point. No noob talk or long and confusing sentences please. And don't say "check my thread" for anything. Look at the example to see a good post.

Shiny Cyndaquil
10Movie Darkrai

Totodile with Ice Punch/Dragon Dance
Untouched Adamant 10 ANIV Celebi

Have fun!


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