Looking For: Suicune

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Looking For: Suicune

Post  DaRk PuLSe on Mon Mar 24 2008, 06:55

I need a Suicune, it needs to be Bold nature, and I would prefer it to be untrained. If it isn't untrained, then it needs to be fully EV trained. If this is the case, please list the full stats and moveset, including which EVs are where. I have this to offer to start, but if you think you deserve something better, post and let me know what you want, because I have a lot of stuff.

I don't want Suicunes that have battled but are not EV trained.

Deoxys Lv. 30
-Knock Off

Salamence Lv. 56
EV Spread: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
-Shadow Claw
-Draco Meteor (Willing to Heart Scale Dragon Claw instead)

Latios Lv. 100
**I don't think it is EV trained, because the stats suck. If it was just leveled with Rare Candies like I suspect, you could just EV train it yourself. I got it in a trade.**
-Luster Purge
-Dragon Claw
-Luster Purge

Staryu Lv. 1
[bTimid/Natural Cure[/b]
-Ice Beam

Rotom Lv. 15
-Confuse Ray
-Double Team

Shiny Mew Lv. 50
Battled some, got it in a trade, sorry =/

I also have several egg move Pokemon, some cool items, and other legendaries, post if interested.

I'm only willing to trade EV trained Pokemon (other than the above listed Salamence) for an EV'd Suicune, I won't trade EV trained ones for an untrained Suicune. Post if you have the Suicune and want to know what other EV'd Pokemon you have. Please post stats of the Suicune in your post.
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